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Discovery[edit | edit source]

Quick Facts[edit | edit source]

Element Name: uranium atom

Symbol: U

Atomic Mass: 238.0289

Classification: Actinoids

Protons: 92

Electrons: 146

Neutrons: 92

Colour: silvery grey metallic. It can also be Yellow when it is in the form of Yellowcake

Discovery in: 1789

Person who Discovered: Martin Heinrich Klaproth

Density: 19.1 g·cm−3

Crystal Structure: ​orthorhombic

Melting Point: 1405.3 K, 1132.2 °C, 2070 °F

Boiling Point: 4404 K, 4131 °C, 7468 °F

Common Uses: Civilian Use is Nuclear Power; Military Use is Nuclear Weapons, Depleted Uranium is used for bullets and tank armour, estimation of earth's age.

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