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In MediaWiki, templates are (mostly) pages which contain texts for multiple uses. It is a flexible and surprisingly versatile tool.

In this topic we explore the potential of mediawiki templates. For coordination of template coding and maintenance in Wikiversity, see wikiversity:templates. For introduction to templates, see help:templates.

Learning projects[edit]

Recursive conversion[edit]

See category:Recursive conversion templates for a list of such templates

These templates are actually programs. They come in hand for demonstrations in such learning projects as Conway's game of life or Calculating the square root of a.

Existing programmes[edit]

  • {{Euclidean algorithm}} is demonstrated in Euclidean algorithm
  • {{factorise}} - so far a very primitive brute-force factoriser. It cannot handle even mildly large numbers, because there are limits on pre-expansion and post-expansion sizes. It can improve a lot.
  • {{quadratic reciprocity}} - currently it does not work; to make it algorithmic, I think we should first master factorizations.

More ideas[edit]

  • It would be good to have a usable list of prime numbers, with ,e.g, {{prime|3}}giving 5, the third prime number; or, {{nextprime|7}} giving 11. It would improve {{factorise}}. The task may be easier after m:StringFunctions is implemented.

Threaded discussions[edit]


Templates for css and javascripts[edit]

  • {{click}} - to superimpose an invisible link on an image, but there are problems in its use


WikiProjects on Templates in other wikia[edit]

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