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{{subst:#ifexpr:{{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}-{{{1}}}>000000200| {{subst:pipe}}- {{subst:pipe}}2021-Jan-16, 16:07 (UTC) {{subst:pipe}}2,908,192 {{subst:pipe}}204,815 {{subst:pipe}}27,759 {{subst:pipe}}32,303 {{subst:pipe}}16 {{subst:pipe}}1.36.0-wmf.26 (97444ce) {{subst:subst}}wikiversity statistics{{subst:pipe}}{{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}{{subst:rb}}|{{subst:subst}}wikiversity statistics{{subst:pipe}}{{{1}}}{{subst:rb}}}}

Substituting this template produces one or more new substitution template calls, allowing recursive change of a page, see m:Help:Recursive conversion of wikitext.

notes[edit source]

this template generates a wikitable automatically and recursively. every time a page including the wikitext {{subst:wikiversity:statistics|{{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}}} is edited, it calls upon this template to check the time. if the set time has elapsed (at this moment it is set to 2 minutes) since the last update, it would generate a new row of data with the magic words CURRENTTIME, NUMBEROFUSERS, NUMBEROFARTICLES, CURRENTVERSION, etc.

For more information on and more examples of recursively converted templates, see m:help:recursive conversion and topic:templates.