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Version at a glance for M:TSP [ Template:Tlxc ]
Version Origin Change Description datestamp and programmer
Ver: B Wikispecies
and then Meta
Fix up message for all sites, Add version table and update. FrankB 08:57, 28 February 2007 (UTC)
Ver: A Meta change-1 Macro Cms ---> CMS per register standard naming FrankB 06:38, 28 February 2007 (UTC)
Ver: _ Commons Origin--one of several interwiki templates for documentation needs to sisters FrankB 03:12, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

This interwiki template allows links to template space on Mediawiki Commons, and being based on {{Tlx}}, will also represent several other placeholder parameters, allowing it to be used in documentation examples and for instruction.

{{tlx|template|first parameter|second|third|fourth|etc}} becomes →
{{template|first parameter|second|third|fourth|etc}}

Purpose and naming: Mnemonically 'Template list expanded'... named after {{tl}} 'Template list'

Usage[edit source]

{{Tlxc|template name}}
{{Tlxc|template name|param}}
{{Tlxc|template name|param=value}}
  • This template takes a template-name and up to 128 optional number of associated parameters (or 'pass parameters'), and aggregates them into an 'example demonstration' of how the template might be used. It's primary use is in instruction and documentation such as this passage.
  • Additionally, tlx can be used to demonstrate templates on other sister projects.
  • If more than 128 associated parameters are given the remainder will be truncated to "...".

Examples[edit source]

Markup Displays Remarks
{{tlx|tlx}} {{tlx}}  
{{tlx|tlx|SISTER=w:}} {{tlx}} = won't work
{{tlx|tlx|1|2|3|4}} {{tlx|1|2|3|4}} you can use | to get around the 128 limitation
{{tlx|tlx|1|2|3{{!}}4}} {{tlx|1|2|3|4}} {{!}} also works
{{tlx|tlx|SISTER=w:}} {{tlx|SISTER=w:}} you can use = to display named parameters
{{tlx|tlx|<nowiki>SISTER=w:</nowiki>}} {{tlx|SISTER=w:}} sticky nowiki also works
{{tlx|tlx| |two}} {{tlx|two}} empty parameters work
{{tlx|tlx|2=one|two}} {{tlx|two}} two clobbers 2=one
{{tlx|tlx|3=two|2=one}} {{tlx|one|two}} right to left okay

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