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Template:Lts (edit talk links history)

Similar templates at English sister projects [edit]
wpd Wikipedia Lts
cms Commons Lts
wbk Wikibooks Lts
wsp Wikispecies Lts
wvy Wikiversity Lts

<--- Old line: Usage: {{Lts|template}}, see w:Template talk:Lts for details.


Main discussion & Queries: template talk:Lts

Documentation[edit source]

W:Template:Lts, M:Template:Lts, etc. on various sister projects is a smaller variant of Lt with pleasant output, for use especially also on browsers which don't support ·.

Usage[edit source]

{{Lts|template}} shows links for the specified template.
{{Lts}} shows links for a template wrt the {{PAGENAME}}.

Example[edit source]

Code Result
{{Lts|Lt}} Template:Lt (edit talk links history)
{{Lts}} Template:Lts (edit talk links history)

See also[edit source]

Template:Lts (edit talk links history) for templates
Template:Lcs (edit talk links history) for categories
Template:Lps (edit talk links history) for {{ns:Project}} (= Wikiversity)
Template:Ltsmeta (edit talk links history) for templates copied from Meta
Template:Lts/ (edit talk links history) for template lists (see below)
Template:Lx (edit talk links history) boilerplate for the Lx family
Category:Internal link templates for a comparison of this zoo see below
Template:Lps (edit talk links history) on Meta
Template:Lts (edit talk links history) on Meta
Template:Ltsmeta (edit talk links history) on Meta

Comparison[edit source]

We got a zoo of similar templates, pick what you like. This list is probably incomplete and intentionally omits variants with parameters like {{Tlx|A|B|...|C}} and redirections like {{Tln}}[Template:Lt] :

On en.Wikipedia templates X0,..., X9
are sandbox templates for experimentation, that must occur in template space.
Templates such as that would generally include templates like these below that need to refer to template space. Normally, X0, X1, X2,... would be sub-templates of an esoteric template under development, and these are tools to deal with such situations from a test bed or discussion page.
Source Code Result
links talk view {{lt|W2}} Template:W2 (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs)
links talk view {{lts|W2}} Template:W2 (edit talk links history)
links talk view {{lts/|W2}} links talk view
links talk view {{tetl|W2}} {{W2}}
links talk edit
links talk view {{ti|W2}} Template:W2 (talk⧼dot-separator⧽links⧼dot-separator⧽edit)
links talk view {{tic|W2}} Template:W2 (talk, links, edit)
links talk view {{tiw|W2}} Template:W2 (backlinks, edit)
links talk view {{tl|W2}} {{W2}}
links talk view {{tls|W2}} {{subst:W2}}
links talk view {{tlsetl|W2}} Template:W2 (talk⧼dot-separator⧽links⧼dot-separator⧽edit)
links talk view {{tlt|W2}} {{W2}} (talk)
links talk view {{ttl|W2}} {{W2}} (t/l)
links talk view {{twlh|W2}} Template:Twlh