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  • This template is designed for helping to automatically profile and keep track of the activity of a large number of participants in a unit/course/subject.
  • It is specifically designed at the moment for Social psychology (psychology), in which student editing is largely occurring on their user page, user talk page, and user sub-pages, but with the idea that it could perhaps be adapted for more generic usage.


[edit source]
  1. The sortable table below profiles the activity of the Wikiversity mascot user page.
  2. A better example is in action here: Social psychology (psychology)/Participants#Profile list
User Talk Email Contribs Stats User page size Talk page size Total Size graph All pages
Baah and Bahh
1716 4004 5720
55 473 528
821 0 821
38 0 38
999 1915 2914
1792 1042 2834
  1. checkY Done Can a total be created of user page size and user talk page size (and potentially also of subpages)? More about this problem: Wikiversity:Colloquium#Function_.2F_expression_problem
  2. checkY Done Create a column which gives a graphical summary of user + talk page size
  3. checkY Done Add clickable icons for email and talk links

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