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This is a work in progress - not ready for use.

Given a project key and a box name, returns the current theme name for that box. Edit this page to change the theme of all pages that share the current theme of your project by referring to this template.

Syntax[edit source]

{{Project Current Theme
|project = 
|box =

Variables[edit source]

project - a project prefix or key such as "SSE" for the student social entrepreneurship project.


- name of box in the project.

Used for example in the SSE pages - mostly under Curriculum/General.

values for box include intro, preparation, objectives, tips, guide, go, udc-nav, sustainability-nav, ...).

Notes[edit source]

This is an extension of Template:SSE Current Theme to make it useful for other projects.

To Do[edit source]

  1. Test
    • sort out things like parameters not set.
  2. Replace SSE Current Theme ...