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[[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] respectfully asks that people use the discussion page, [[User talk:{{{1}}}|their talk page]] or [[Special:Emailuser/{{{1}}}|email]] them, rather than contribute to this page at this time. This page might be under construction, controversial, used currently as part of a brick and mortar class by a teacher, or document an ongoing research project. Please RESPECT their wishes by not editing this page.

Use this template to encourage people not to edit pages that you have created. However please keep in mind that this is a wiki that anyone can edit and that nobody owns any pages on Wikiversity.

Note: you must include your username in the template call. Use the template this way:

{{Please don't edit|username}}

and replace "username" with your Wikiversity username. See Wikiversity:Page protection templates for details on when and how to use this template.