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Comment This template contains one or more optional parameters: see the talk page for details.

This template employs some extremely complicated and esoteric features of template syntax. Please do not attempt to alter it unless you are certain that you understand the setup and are prepared to repair any consequent collateral damage if the results are unexpected. Any experiments should be conducted in the template sandbox or your user space.

This template is used to cite sources in Wikipedia. It is intended specifically for news sources. For citing journals/magazines and websites, see {{Cite journal}} and {{Cite web}}, respectively.

Usage[edit source]

All parameter names must be lower case.

Copy a blank version to use. Remember to use the "|" (pipe) character between each field. Please delete any unused fields to avoid clutter in the edit window.

Citations within a page should use consistent formats. However, there is no consensus about which format is best.

Common form with author(s) in a single parameter[edit source]

Day Month Year
{{cite news |title= |author= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=4 November 2020}}
Month Day, Year
{{cite news |title= |author= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=November 4, 2020}}

Common form with first and last[edit source]

Day Month Year
{{cite news |title= |first= |last= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=4 November 2020}}
Month Day, Year
{{cite news |title= |first= |last= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=November 4, 2020}}

All parameters[edit source]

All parameters, horizontal format (delete parameters you don't need)
{{cite news |title= |author= |first= |last= |authorlink= |authorlink2= |author2= |author3= |author4= |author5= |author6= |author7= |url= |format= |agency= |newspaper= |publisher= |location= |isbn= |issn= |oclc= |pmid= |pmd= |bibcode= |doi= |id= |date= |page= |pages= |at= |accessdate= |language= |trans_title= |quote= |archiveurl= |archivedate= |ref=}}
All parameters, vertical format
{{cite news
| title       = 
| author      = 
| first       = 
| last        = 
| authorlink  = 
| authorlink2 = 
| author2     = 
| author3     = 
| author4     = 
| author5     = 
| author6     = 
| author7     = 
| url         = 
| format      = 
| agency      = 
| newspaper   = 
| publisher   = 
| location    = 
| isbn        = 
| issn        = 
| oclc        = 
| pmid        = 
| pmd         = 
| bibcode     = 
| doi         = 
| id          = 
| date        = 
| page        = 
| pages       = 
| at          = 
| accessdate  = 
| language    = 
| trans_title = 
| quote       = 
| archiveurl  = 
| archivedate = 
| ref         = 

Essential parameters[edit source]

  • title: Title of the article. Note that title must be on one line in order for the hyperlink (if there is one) to display properly. Do not enclose it in quotations marks, italics or other formatting, though it may be wikilinked. Reduce "all capitals" to some other title case.
  • newspaper: Name of the publication that ran the item, e.g., The Miami Herald or The Scotsman. Can also be used for the name of a column or subpart of an issue. Do not italicize; the software will do so automatically. (You may also use journal, magazine, periodical, or work, but do not use publisher for this.)
  • date: Date of publication. To avoid ambiguity, write out the month in words, using the same date format as in the main text of the article. When this information is absent for an online source consider using {{cite web}} instead.

Optional parameters[edit source]

  • author: Author.
    • last works with first to produce last, first as name of author.
    • authorlink works either with author or with last & first to link to the appropriate Wikipedia article. Does not work with URLs.
    • author2, author3, ... author9: Allows additional authors. Numbers must be used consecutively. author9 is not actually displayed, but causes et al. to appear. Can also use lastn, firstn, and authorlinkn.
    • coauthors: Equivalent to author2.
  • url: Link to the news item if available online (note this is not for a link to the main web page of the work of publisher, but only to a copy of the item specified in title). Start the url with the communications protocol e.g., http://. Do not post urls of Google hosted AP content, that content is transient. Use MSNBC, Yahoo, or another provider that keeps AP archives.
  • accessdate: Date when the news item was accessed, if it was found online. Should be in the same format as the rest of the article. Must not be wikilinked.
  • format: Format, e.g. PDF. Don't specify for HTML (implied as default). This parameter is sometimes used for completely different purposes, with values such as "fee required" and "reprint", but its original intent was to warn readers of file formats that their browsers might have trouble with.
  • agency: The news agency (wire service) that provided the content, if any, e.g. Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, etc.
  • location: Place of publication, e.g., Toronto for The Globe and Mail. Should be included if the city of publication is not part of the name of the newspaper. For student newspapers, include the name of the school.
  • publisher: The company or organization that publishes the news source (not to be used for the name of the news source itself; see the newspaper parameter). Can be (but need not be) omitted for major publications like The New York Times, but may add credibility for local papers that are part of a family of publications like The McClatchy Company.
  • isbn, issn, oclc, pmid, pmd, bibcode, doi Unique object identifiers, if applicable. Will automatically generate an appropriately wikilinked link to the object in question. Most ordinary newspaper articles will not have one of these.
  • id: Identifier of a type not listed above. Remember, if you use this parameter, you must specify the kind of identifier, not just give a number.
  • page or pages: The page(s) on which the article is found. page inserts the abbreviation "p." before the number; pages inserts "pp." Use only one of these parameters. If numbers are entered for both, pages overrides page.
  • at: Position within the newspaper when page/pages is unsuitable, e.g. |at=p. 2, col. 3, |at=p. 2, para. 4 (when the page number is not sufficiently specific), |at=section C, p. 2 (when the newspaper has several sections, each starting their page numbering at 1), or |at=no. 456 (something in a numbered list). This parameter is ignored if either page/pages is specified.
  • language: The language in which the source is written. If English (the default) do not use this parameter. See also the 'trans_title' parameter.
    • trans_title: A translated title of the article, if the original title is in a foreign language. Would normally be used in conjunction with the 'language' parameter.
  • quote: Relevant quotation. Adding a quotation can help locate online copies of the item using a text search, especially if the original link goes dead.
  • archive parameters (if used, must be used both of them together)
    • archiveurl: The URL of an archived copy of a web page, if (or in case) the URL becomes unavailable. Typically used to refer to services like WebCite and Archive.org.
    • archivedate: Date when the item was archived. Should not be wikilinked. If not given, one might look up all available archive versions from URL http://web.archive.org/web/*/ (append the full original URL) to determine an appropriate date.
  • ref: ID for anchor. By default, no anchor is generated. The ordinary nonempty value |ref=ID generates an anchor with the given ID; such a linkable reference can be made the target of wikilinks to full references, especially useful in short citations like shortened notes and parenthetical referencing. The special value |ref=harv generates an anchor suitable for the {{harv}} template; see anchors for Harvard referencing templates.
  • postscript: if specified, over-rides the default behaviour of terminating the citation with a full stop. Leave blank to suppress the full stop. This may be useful when using a quote which ends in punctuation, or when generating an output consistent with other templates. It is preferred to manually adding ending punctuation, as the punctuation occurs within the <cite> tag, so will appear before any icons added by browser plugins.

Examples[edit source]

Using first and last for author's name
  • {{cite news | first=Cassandra | last=Jardine | title=The return of the secondary modern | url=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/3621779/The-return-of-the-secondary-modern.html | location = London | agency= | newspaper=The Daily Telegraph | date=5 August 2004 }}
    Jardine, Cassandra (5 August 2004). "The return of the secondary modern". The Daily Telegraph. London.
No author but sourced to a news agency
  • {{cite news | first= | last= | title=Drugs: Chips trader gets 15 years, 10 strokes | url=http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news.cfm?NewsID=48660 | newspaper=Daily Express | location=Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia | date=29 March 2007 | agency=Bernama }}
    "Drugs: Chips trader gets 15 years, 10 strokes". Daily Express. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Bernama. 29 March 2007.
Using authorlink to link to article about the author on Wikipedia
  • {{cite news | first=George | last=Monbiot | authorlink=George Monbiot | title=From toxic waste to toxic assets, the same people always get dumped on | url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cif-green/2009/sep/21/global-fly-tipping-toxic-waste | newspaper=The Guardian | location=London | date=22 September 2009 }}
Using "format" parameter when not HTML. No need to use "location" parameter because "New York" is already in name of paper.
  • {{cite news | newspaper=The New York Times | title=State Prison Treatment | date=4 February 1883 | url=http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=9503E3D71631E433A25757C0A9649C94629FD7CF | format=PDF }}
    "State Prison Treatment" (PDF). The New York Times. 4 February 1883.
Using page to identify the reference by page; news item in library but not on line
  • {{cite news | first=Arthur | last=Reed | title=Four-rate plan in air-fare 'jungle' | page=3 | date=9 December 1976 | newspaper=The Times | location = London }}
    Reed, Arthur (9 December 1976). "Four-rate plan in air-fare 'jungle'". The Times. London. p. 3.
A foreign-language news article
  • {{cite news |author=Joliet, François |title=Honni soit qui mal y pense |date=30 April 2005 |language=French |newspaper=Le Figaro |location=Paris |trans_title=Shame on those who think evil }}
    Joliet, François (30 April 2005). "Honni soit qui mal y pense". Le Figaro (in French). Paris. Unknown parameter |trans_title= ignored (help)
Using archiveurl and archivedate to refer to items that disappeared from newspaper's own website but are now available from an archive site
  • {{cite news | author=Achenbaum, Emily S. | title=Freedom lost, without a trial | newspaper=The Charlotte Observer | url=http://www.charlotteobserver.com/109/story/47573.html | date=11 March 2007 | archiveurl=http://web.archive.org/web/20070419112159/www.charlotteobserver.com/109/story/47573.html | archivedate=19 April 2007 }}
    Achenbaum, Emily S. (11 March 2007). "Freedom lost, without a trial". The Charlotte Observer. Archived from the original on 19 April 2007.

COinS[edit source]

This template produces COinS metadata; see COinS in Wikipedia for background information.

TemplateData[edit source]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Cite news

This template formats a citation to a news article in print, video, audio or web using the provided source information (e.g. author, publication, date) and various formatting options.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


The URL of the online location where the text of the publication can be found. Requires schemes of the type "http://..." or maybe even the protocol relative scheme "//..."

Source titletitle

The title of the article as it appears in the source; displays in quotes

Last namelast last1 author author1 authors

The surname of the author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink'.

First namefirst first1

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink'.

Source datedate

Full date of the source; do not wikilink

Name of publicationwork journal magazine periodical newspaper

Name of the newspaper, magazine or periodical; displays after title

The Wall Street Journal
URL access dateaccess-date accessdate

The full date when the original URL was accessed; do not wikilink

Archive URLarchive-url archiveurl

The URL of an archived copy of a web page, if or in case the URL becomes unavailable; requires 'archivedate'

Archive datearchive-date archivedate

Date when the original URL was archived; do not wikilink

Dead URLdead-url deadurl

If set to 'no', the title display is adjusted; useful for when the URL is archived preemptively but still live

Publisherpublisher distributor institution

Name of the parent institution or company that publishes the newspaper, magazine, or periodical; displays after name of the publication

News Corp

The news agency (wire service) that provided the content; examples: Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France-Presse

Last name 2last2 author2

The surname of the second author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink2'.

First name 2first2

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the second author; don't wikilink.


Used to record other contributions to the work, such as 'Illustrated by John Smith' or 'Translated by John Smith'

Month of publicationmonth

Name of the month of publication; do not wikilink; use 'date' instead, if day of month is also known

Year of publicationyear

Year of the source being referenced; use 'date' instead, if month and day are also known

Editor last nameeditor-last editor-last1 editor1-last editor-surname editor-surname1 editor1-surname editor editor1

The surname of the editor; don't wikilink, use 'editor-link'; can suffix with a numeral to add additional editors; alias of 'editor1-last', 'editor', and 'editors'

Editor first nameeditor-first editor-first1 editor1-first editor-given editor-given1 editor1-given

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the editor; don't wikilink, use 'editor-link'; can suffix with a numeral to add additional editors; alias of 'editor1-first'

Editor linkeditor-link editor-link1

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the editor; can suffix with a numeral to add additional editors; alias of 'editor1-link'

Issueissue number

Issue identifier when the source is part of a series that is published periodically


Department within the periodical

Location of publicationlocation place

Geographical place of publication; usually not wikilinked; omit when the publication name includes place; alias of 'place'

Place of publicationpublication-place

Publication place shows after title; if 'place' or 'location' are also given, they are displayed before the title prefixed with 'written at'

Publication datepublication-date

Date of publication when different from the date the work was written; do not wikilink


When the publication has more than one edition; for example: '2nd', 'Revised' etc.; suffixed with ' ed.'


For one publication published in several volumes


Page in the source that supports the content; displays after 'p.'


Pages in the source that support the content (not an indication of the number of pages in the source; displays after 'pp.'

No ppnopp

Set to 'y' to suppress the 'p.' or 'pp.' display with 'page' or 'pages' when inappropriate (such as 'Front cover')


May be used instead of 'page' or 'pages' where a page number is inappropriate or insufficient


The language in which the source is written, if not English; use the full language name; do not use icons or templates

Script titlescript-title

For titles in languages that do not use a Latin-based alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc). Prefix with two-character ISO639-1 language code followed by a colon. For Japanese use: |script-title=ja:...

Translated titletrans-title trans_title

An English language title, if the source cited is in a foreign language; 'language' is recommended


Additional information about the media type of the source; format in sentence case


Format of the work referred to by 'url'; examples: PDF, DOC, XLS; do not specify HTML

arXiv identifierarxiv

An identifier for arXive electronic preprints of scientific papers


Amazon Standard Identification Number; 10 characters

ASIN TLDasin-tld

ASIN top-level domain for Amazon sites other than the US


Bibliographic Reference Code (REFCODE); 19 characters


Digital Object Identifier; begins with '10.'

DOI broken datedoi-broken-date doi_brokendate doi-inactive-date

The date that the DOI was determined to be broken


International Standard Book Number; use the 13-digit ISBN where possible


International Standard Serial Number; 8 characters; may be split into two groups of four using a hyphen

jfm codejfm

Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik classification code


JSTOR identifier


Library of Congress Control Number


Mathematical Reviews identifier


Online Computer Library Center number


Open Library identifier


Office of Scientific and Technical Information identifier


PubMed Center article number


PubMed Unique Identifier


Request for Comments number


Social Science Research Network


Zentralblatt MATH journal identifier


A unique identifier used where none of the specialized ones are applicable


Relevant text quoted from the source; displays last, enclosed in quotes; needs to include terminating punctuation


An anchor identifier; can be made the target of wikilinks to full references; special value 'harv' generates an anchor suitable for the harv and sfn templates


The closing punctuation for the citation; ignored if 'quote' is defined; to suppress use reserved keyword 'none'


For online sources that require registration, set to 'yes' (or 'y', or 'true'); superseded by subscription if both are set


For online sources that require subscription, set to 'yes' (or 'y', or 'true'); supersedes registration if both are set

Last name 3last3 author3

The surname of the third author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink3'.

First name 3first3

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the third author; don't wikilink.

Last name 4last4 author4

The surname of the fourth author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink4'.

First name 4first4

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the fourth author; don't wikilink.

Last name 5last5 author5

The surname of the fifth author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink5'.

First name 5first5

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the fifth author; don't wikilink.

Last name 6last6 author6

The surname of the sixth author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink6'.

First name 6first6

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the sixth author; don't wikilink.

Last name 7last7 author7

The surname of the seventh author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink7'.

First name 7first7

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the seventh author; don't wikilink.

Last name 8last8 author8

The surname of the eighth author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink8'.

First name 8first8

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the eighth author; don't wikilink.

Last name 9last9 author9

The surname of the ninth author; don't wikilink, use 'authorlink9'. If nine authors are defined, then only eight will show and 'et al.' will show in place of the last author.

First name 9first9

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the ninth author; don't wikilink.

Author maskauthor-mask

Replaces the name of the first author with em dashes or text; set to a numeric value 'n' to set the dash 'n' em spaces wide; set to a text value to display the text without a trailing author separator; for example, 'with' instead

Author name separatorauthor-name-separator

Changes the separator between last and first names; defaults to a comma and space; a space must be encoded as &#32;

Author separatorauthor-separator

Changes the separator between authors; defaults to a semicolon and space; a space must be encoded as &#32;

Display authorsdisplay-authors displayauthors

number of authors to display before 'et al.' is used;

Author linkauthor-link authorlink authorlink1 author-link1 author1-link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the author; can suffix with a numeral to add additional authors

Author link 2author-link2 authorlink2

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the second author. (Up to nine authors can be listed, 3-9 are toward the end of the parameter list)

Lay URLlay-url layurl

URL link to a non-technical summary or review of the source; alias of 'laysummary'

Lay sourcelay-source laysource

Name of the source of the laysummary; displays in italics, preceded by an en dash

Lay datelay-date laydate

Date of the summary; displays in parentheses

Author link 3author-link3 authorlink3 author3-link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the third author.

Author link 4author-link4 authorlink4 author4-link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the fourth author.

Author link 5author-link5 authorlink5 author5-link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the fifth author.

Author link 6author-link6 authorlink6 author6-link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the sixth author.

Author link 7author-link7 authorlink7 author7-link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the seventh author.

Author link 8author-link8 authorlink8 author8-link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the eighth author.

Author link 9author-link9 authorlink9 author9-link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the ninth author.

Last author ampersandlast-author-amp lastauthoramp

When set to any value, changes the separator between the last two names of the author list to 'space ampersand space'

Original yearorig-year origyear

Original year of publication; provide specifics


Identify the aggregator of the resource that provided the digital version (usually a database provider), when it differs from the publisher (e.g., for The Wikipedia Library)

EBSCOHost , Proquest, Newspapers.com

See also[edit source]