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arXiv is a preprint archive operated by Cornell University, see the Wikipedia article. There has been criticism of arXiv practices. Created to host studies of this, this top-level resource should remain rigorously neutral and verifiable. It may link to subpages that are neutral and verifiable, in which case they may be edited by any Wikiversity user. If such pages are Wikiversity user opinion, original research, or reports of personal experience, they should be explicitly attributed to author, and editing may be restricted. Page attribution, if relevant, should be identified with any links from neutral pages.

General criticism

[edit | edit source]
  • Fledgling site challenges arXiv server, Jul 15, 2009, article about viXra, contains criticism of arXiv. The article asserts that the "challenger,", had only seven articles. Currently, [1] claims to host 9782 preprints. Why viXra? is a viXra essay.
  • is a site "Addressing the Need for Freedom in Scientific Research." Has a list of allegedly blacklisted or restricted scientists.[2]
  • [3] details a nightmare experienced by an author. The web site is fringe. The author's list of publications: [4] shows mainstream scientific journal publications, but also high fringe interest.