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I think this is a growing community. But anyway i hope for there someday to be content here that surrpasses all that found on links to other sites.

Hi Kirby - I hope the site grows too! But I think there should be a difference between the "content" here and the resources out there on the web. I'd like to see the focus here be on learning activities, rather than "content" per-se. Activities that get people learning through doing... I'm interested to know what you yourself mean by "content"?
Hello, speaking as a person interested in learning web design I encourage the proposal of more learning activities, yet not at the expense or loss of learning content. Having come back to this site I've noticed much has changed. How can one do these challenges without having the content as reference? There are plenty of links to other online tutorials, but isn't that what this is supposed to provide?
Wikiversity certainly can provide content but that's not what it's about - Wikibooks is a great place for content as opposed to learning activities (for example b:HTML_Programming). I guess from my point of view, there is plenty of great content out there already. What isn't out there already is great free activities to learn and use content in fun ways (as opposed to just reading it). But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't include content here too... I guess I'm just trying to focus and fill an immediate need of my students. You're right, lots of the challenges don't link to resources to help you get going with them - trying to update that as we go. Cheers for the feedback. Michaelnelson 02:35, 27 January 2007 (UTC)
What Wikiversity provides is up to its participants, really. The project is still in the early stages, and to build useful and practical learning activities, it might be necessary to utilize outside resources such as books and third party websites. There may be some areas that this will always be the case, in fact.
In some areas, however, I'm sure we can expect some areas to provide a much richer set of content, maybe even covering all of the learning activity with GFDL content. This will take some time, though, and I do think it is better to offer a learning activity that has non-GFDL content it depends on then not to offer any activity at all.
My suggestion would be to check over at Wikibooks and see what shape the current offerings are in -- and to leave a comment there about what you'd like to see. I would also encourage interacting with site authors, asking if they would consider contributing a paticular tutorial or tip to a GFDL project (either here or Wikibooks). If we can encourage participation, even small bits, we can make up a greater whole. Historybuff 04:44, 27 January 2007 (UTC)
It would be good to get site authors donating some content - hard though. Most of the good tutorials are dependent on advertising. I tried with one excellent PHP tutorial, but never heard back :T. Will keep trying though! Of course, ideally we'd create the best tutorial ourselves here... but as HistoryBuff said... it takes time (and so much of it!)