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"Science Communication in the UK" is looking good. When "Topic:" pages start getting long and have many page sections, it is probably time to start thinking about how to organize the learning resources for that topic. The "Topic:" namespace is a new invention of Wikiversity and the Wikiversity community is still in the process of exploring just what types of content goes on pages in the main namespace (where page names have no prefix) and what types of content should be in the topic namespace where page names all start with the "Topic:" prefix. In general, pages that hold learning resources, the actual desired content of Wikiversity, are pages in the main namespace. The other namespaces exist to help organize the activities of Wikiversity participants and so they contain "meta-level content" that is concerned with helping to make Wikiversity participants more efficient in their collaborative efforts to grow the Wikiversity project. Wikiversity makes a distinction between learning projects and content development projects. When Wikiversity participants want to learn about a subject, they might participate in existing learning projects without being concerned with the types of "meta-level" issues that concern a teacher of that subject. A teacher can draw upon experience to make decisions about how to organize groups of learning resources for a subject area. Such "meta-level" decisions and planning is what constitutes "content development projects" and at Wikiversity the process of content development takes place mainly in the topic namespace. When "Topic:" pages start getting long, it is common practice to start splitting long pages into multiple pages. Content that constitutes well-defined learning resources can be moved to pages in the main namespace. Content that is mainly about how to create, organize and develop learning resources can remain on pages in the topic namespace. Subpages are allowed in the topic namespace, for example, see Topic:Japanese/Materials, so if the content development effort for a particular subject becomes complex, that content development effort can be organized on a set of related pages in the topic namespace. --JWSchmidt 23:51, 26 June 2007 (UTC)[reply]

"Journals" section[edit source]

...needs to be cleaned up (several broken links).

Shouldn't we differentiate between "Journals" and "Other publications" / "Magazines" or such?