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What makes this question tricky is that many students will find it easier to memorize this question than to understand it.

Teachers often play a sort of cat and mouse game with students regarding what is on the test. It is important to test what is taught, and unfortunately this entails some degree of "teaching to the test". At the same time, the students cannot know exactly what will be on the test. Someday Quizbank needs to be configured so that the instructor chooses whether this question is on the test, and someday the bank will be so large that memorizing the questions will bring limited returns. In its current configuration, Quizbank informs the instructor whether the question is on the test by giving that instructor access to all test questions on the first day of class. This should suffice for the time being.

Also, keep in mind that inquisitive and responsible students will take it upon themselves to make some attempt to understand the question. We must rely on students to take some responsibility for their own education.

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