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1 Which lens has the shorter focal length?

Ray drawing eye schematic.svg
Ray drawing eye schematic01.svg
They have the same focal lengh.

2 Ray drawing eye schematic01.svg If this represents the eye looking at an object, where is this object?

One focal length in front of the eye
Two (of the other answers) are true
very far away
at infinity
directly in front of the eye (almost touching)

3 After passing through a the lens of a camera or the eye, the focal point is defined as where the rays meet.


4 Ray drawing eye schematic01.svg Mr. Smith is gazing at something as shown in the figure to the left. Suppose he does not refocus, but attempts to stare at the star shown in the figures below. Which diagram depicts how the rays from the star would travel if he does not refocus?

Ray drawing eye schematic alternate.svg
Ray drawing eye Wrong Answer.svg
Ray drawing eye schematic02.svg


Instructions are forthcoming

Transclusion from Quizbank/Instructions_0:
These instructions are transcluded into all quizzes that are subpages of QB. They are written so they may be copied directly into a python test-generating code.

  1. *_ denotes magic words that the code looks for.
  2. The d_ series denotes Summer 2018 efforts. See Special:PrefixIndex/QB/d_
  3. The hidden message inside each question is required. I am currently using it to license the questions: <!--Public Domain--> (except for the questions I took from OpenStax. Those are attributed by stating the URL to the chapter that holds the example.)

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