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Chapter structure/ chapter body: The main section of the chapter is well worded, and for the most part each topic is clear. The body of the chapter provided much information that illustrates the main point of the chapter. The writer did well explaining the example of each model. The writer also did well connecting each subsection to the topic. However, some sections are not separates well and this confuses the reader. The writer might have to work on this part more to make the chapter more clear. I wound give this section an A-.

Organization: Most of the chapter is logical. The topics flow well into each other and each separate subsection is related well with other subsections. Most of the subsections are logical, and most provide the main point. However, there are some points that can be added or changed in the format of the chapter. As a reader, it is sometimes hard to distinguish which example is under the right section. If the writer changed the format of this chapter then this chapter would be better and more clear. I would give this section an A-.

Writing style: I mostly enjoyed reading this chapter, but there were a few grammar and spelling mistakes. However, this chapter was very well done and included much information. I will give this section an A-.

Research literature/ references: the references seemed very relevant to this chapter. The writer did not include many references but all of them are related with each subsection. Each reference presented different main points and some examples of each subsection. However, if the writer included more references that might bring up more viewpoints or drill deeper on each subsection, then it will be better chapter. Finally, the most part of the chapter is great, and I will give this section an A.

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