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Article drafting

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The following link is to a Magazine Section sub page for starting a draft of a new article: PD_Magazine_Section/Draft_article_1

Note here what the topic of the article will be.

If another article is to be started as a draft before the first article has been cut and pasted to its intended location, create another sub page such as [[PD_Magazine_Section/Draft_article_2]] . (Note that the full name should be entered so that the new page is a subpage rather than a Talk subpage.)

The Standard Selection on Parkinson's Disease

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However, in light of the academic honesty and in the service of the World, then one should also include the personality angle that may (help to) bring Parkinson's Disease.
This is not something that appears out of nothing, no, PD has a special scientific history of symptoms and moving forth and back from the somatic category to the psychiatric category.
As you have displayed one list of the more conventional, I still urge you to consider this one, even though it may require substantial efforts and testing in order to yield results. The academic duty is to include all but the "pseudo-scientific", and this one is from the psychiatric category and you know it and you are to include it (please). Cheers! (discuss) 00:11, 4 March 2013 (UTC)Reply