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This Magazine section will hold articles on topical subjects, recent research progress and emerging issues.

It is intended to be a 'rolling magazine' where new articles are added all the time and older ones are updated, combined with the newer ones, removed or migrated to the main part of this section in an adapted form.

It is hoped that topics in the news will stimulate contributors to delve into their background and explain the significance of the new developments, relating them to what is already known and maybe already recorded in the existing pages of the wiki. It is also a place where emerging issues can be explored.

It might also be a place where exchanges of ideas could take place - like a 'Letters to the Editor' page or a (non-trivial) on-line forum.

Articles will have links to pages in the main body of the wiki which give the context, background or go into further detail of the current topics and related areas of research.

It is hoped that, for newcomers, this will provide a way for speedily being introduced to the interesting and important range of research going on and provide the starting point for gaining a good understanding of it.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Three hits in understanding pathogenesis

Mapping Parkinson's pathogenesis - all of it!

Cell Transplantation

Let's get the ball rolling!

Hot Topics

The Blue Light Mystery.

Joining the Dots

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