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This needs to be framed as a class, and (in my opinion) should be built with cooperation with the Mediawiki discussion mailing list, perhaps as a faq.--John Bessa 18:42, 23 January 2009 (UTC)[]

I think we should create three mostly self-study classes in which the student follows a step-by-step procedure for learning how to (1) use MediaWiki, (2) set up and administer a MediaWiki installation, and (3) develop MediaWiki. So, basically MediaWiki 101, 201, and 301:
  • 101: MediaWiki editing should require the student to create and use some "hello world"-style templates and, when comfortable enough with internal and external wikilinks and other features of wiki markup, create a wiki page using the full array of features (sidebars, tables, etc.) I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what exercises would be best for training students to do this stuff; if given a step-by-step tutorial, students learn quickly but often forget the material too. Really, there's no substitute for spending a lot of time editing wikis.
  • 201: MediaWiki administration might involve creating your Ubuntu partition (recommended), getting all set up with Apache, MySQL and whatnot, creating your installation in the localhost directory, configuring LocalSettings.php, etc. and as a thesis, the student would create his own public bliki.
  • 301: MediaWiki development might involve developing tag, parser function, hook, special page, skin, magic word, and API extensions, starting out with "hello world" functionality and progressing to more advanced stuff; etc. and as a dissertation, the student should complete a major programming project to fix one or more bugs in Bugzilla. Course credit requires getting Gerrit approval of the submission.
Any thoughts on this stuff? I think these classes, especially 201 and 301, could be helpful in recruiting more MediaWiki administrators and developers by making it easier for them. Expanding the administrator community helps with economies of scale, and of course we can always use more devs. Shall we call this MediaWikiversity?
Also, I would suggest that users be allowed to test out of the introductory courses. E.g., it would seem to me to make little sense to require one of these people to go through the tedium of MediaWiki 101. Leucosticte (discusscontribs) 14:17, 3 October 2013 (UTC)[]

So you want to be a programmer?[edit source] Leucosticte (discusscontribs) 05:53, 4 December 2013 (UTC)[]

MediaWiki BootCamp[edit source]

Yes. Someone is still here waiting for students of {x} to magically appear like future aliens from outer space or time travelers from other dimensions.

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