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Questions addressed?

  • What are the drugs that I take meant to do and what symptoms do they address?
(People want to know about the drugs they have to use and what they are meant to do. They are almost entirely for dopamine replacement/conservation.
Levodopa. Works by being converted to dopamine. Link to description and chemical formulae for tyrosine, levopa, dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline. Discussion of decarboxylase action. Also carbidopa and COMT and MAOB inhibitors to prolong lifetime of dopamine. Duodopa.
Dyskinesia as side effect.
Dopamine agonists. Activate dopamine receptors.
  • What is deep brain stimulation and how does this surgery work?
Deep Brain Stimulation. Explanation about how it works. (Also link to Peter Magill's work above

Treatments for non-motor symptoms)

  • What treatments are there for the other symptoms?

There is enough here for more than one page so extend onto supplementary subpages or Background information (PD specific) feature articles.

(Everyone's experience on absorption of the drugs seems very varied. My personal experience is to take them (Mirapexin and Stelevo) before food. And if I exercise soon after the absorption is faster than if I didn't. And sometimes it takes longer than normal for them to kick in. Why is that?
'Kicking in' - an expression I use to describe when I feel 'normal' ie same a when I didn't have Parkinson's and many are surprised when I say I have the dreaded P but show no visible signs. Very few of my fellow sufferers have this experience. Is this an unusual experience?
Exercise - this as an essential treatment is underplayed even though it is believed to help. Why if its generally accepted that it is good for you whether you have Parkinson's r not. My Parkinson's still allows me to play reasonably good badminton, table-tennis, do yoga, attend the gym etc and I don't feel as well if I have missed doing them for long stretches. Is there some correlation between exercise and Parkinson's? Can I combat the effects of Parkinson's through exercise and any research done on this and other therapies like Putkisto, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, etc.)
This is a response to user Purple61 who put on the last bit in brackets above. Many thanks for the contribution. There are things to discuss about it and I shall write them on your User Talk page which I have had to create for you because you had not done so yet. So see: User:Purple61 and User_talk:Purple61