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Hi Purple61! I have created your User Profile page so I can write to you on this Talk page that is associated with it.

Thanks for the contribution that you wrote on the Introduction to Parkinson's Science Site Map page. You raised some good points that need to be addressed. We are looking forward to more people participating as you have started to do.

I suspect you are new to wikis so I'd like to make a few comments to encourage you to continue participating but will also help say where the best place is to put in material and to talk about issues.

First, it is good to set up a User page and its associated discussion page as I have done for you because it opens a channel of communication; people can write messages on your 'Talk' page and you can respond on theirs. Mine is User:Droflet and the talk page is User_talk:Droflet.

Second, it is best to make make comments, ask questions and discuss issues on the Discussion page associated with each actual page. Your contributions have elements of this nature in them. Others could then enter into a discussion with you and you could creatively come to an agreement together about what exactly to put on the page itself. Admittedly the Section 2 Site Map possibly encourages discussion on it at the moment because it calls for more questions. But it is meant eventually simply to list the questions that are addressed on the individual subpages with only a brief indication of what the answers cover. Discussion of what those questions should be and why, is best put on the Site Map Discussion page or even on the Discussion Page of the individual subpage that tackles the set of questions.

So, lastly, please sign all your contributions on discussion pages with the four tildes: ~~~~ so others can contact you.

And welcome aboard! Your thoughtful approach will be an asset to the project!

Droflet (talk) 10:52, 2 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]