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Columbia Supercomputer - NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility.jpg

hi, here is a helpfull hint. In some cases you do not need to bother resizing an image and uploading it here. For instance, Image:Columbia Supercomputer - NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility.jpg is already available on Wikimedia Commons: so if you want to include a small version just use [[Image:Columbia Supercomputer - NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility.jpg|200px]] (notice the |200px after the .jpg which sets the image to 200 pixels wide) to see the image in a page scaled down like the one at right. This does not work for all images. The Image:SPARCstation 1.jpg is on Wikipedia, but not on Commons so the upload is needed. This can be a bit confusing, so feel free to ask a question here and we will help show you an easier way to include images. I made some changes to this page to link to the images that are already available and deleted a few of the uploaded image that were not needed. Just ask here if you would like some help. --mikeu 04:25, 9 January 2008 (UTC)

errata for byte discussion?[edit]

the part "the number 00000001 is 8 bits long, and represents the letter A" isn't what I'm familiar with. If same as ascii code, 01000001 is an uppercase A. See [1].