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Task list for editors[edit source]

please fix these:

  1. the exteral link "18.01 Single Variable Calculus" is broken (FIXED)
  2. the quiz is on trigonometry. not calculus* (*Because you must first understand trig to be able to comprehend calculus, I.E. - Calculus is partly based upon trig) (I have included explaination text and link to Trigonometry)
  3. introduction MUST start with "what is Calculus"? because it's the first question one asks if comes here ramdomly or as a start. and I thought it's physics after reading the first lesson.* (* This link on the page covers this Welcome to "Introduction to Calculus")
  4. If you can pass this quiz, you are ready to take this course...SO WHAT DO I DO IF I CANNOT PASS THE QUIZ??? WHERE DO I GO?? THIS IS NOT CLEAR.* (*Agreed, there should be a link to trigonometry) (Link and explaination text done)

MIKEB's ANSWERS[edit source]

My answers to the Calculus pre-requisites:

Graemeb1967's ANSWERS[edit source]

User:Graemeb1967/Introduction to Calculus

Mikeb beat me to it! His first 3 answers look correct to me.

Check my answers for part 4.

I have tried using math formating with my solutions which I will keep pursuing as time permits.

First Problem[edit source]

Shouldn't we lose the cos X from the solution

aka instead of tan X = sin X / cos X

use tan X = sin X / ± SQRT( 1 - sin2 X )

Answers by Tarun[edit source]

Here are my answers at User:Tarun seeker/Introduction to calculus - (12:31, 14 September 2014‎ by Tarun_seeker)