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Initial remarks[edit source]


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Comments for improved comprehension[edit source]

The first 26 axioms use pure set mathematical operators and can be well understood this way. At the 27th axiom multiple additional details appear, which should be more clearly described:

  • The set L appears and seems to be the lattice as a whole.
  • The set S appears, which is unclear to me.
  • The "<" relational operator appears, which seems to be used as conventional "lower as" sorting operator.

With the last interpretation the resulting x = a or x = (a intersection with p) would be wrong. Hence there is something different told, what needs better explanation.

Regarding the week modular compared to the modular lattice the naming sounds questionable:

  • The modular lattice looks to be linear in a way that the union operation adds nothing to the result, what is not already included in the parts.
  • Instead the week modular lattice seems to be non-linearly productive in the way that any union operation produces more than the sum of parts.

Naming such a behavior as week seems to be not well defined to me.