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As a former and current gamer I Feel there are more Disruptive technologys out there then Web 2.0 and MMT. I think they could be a great tool in Outdoor Education. I think this page give more space to opposing view points. Im am Leaning how and WhyWikiWorks as we speak. Thanks for the help so far helpful Helpfulwikignomes Ever since the internet i feel its too hard to actually get knowledge from all the different 'experts' around the world so I used the net purely for entertainment. Now I see that the problem was mine and just need to use technology more efficiently.Im also a pretty fast learner and love working on my writing skills. What do you want this page to look like people? 1st thing is to make links to related issues to create a more educational space involving the topic of Gaming Addiction. Im personally aware of many Coping Skills such as;

  • such as seeing patterns and solving them (better things to do?Ed.)
  • find ways to better use valuable time space and energy
  • contribute to the community

I think this topic deserves ALOT more space on this page (but id rather not fill with too much info Ed.). To summarize where do we take this page from here? Im not skilled enough at Wikicraft yet to know all the answers and receive my prize.Thanks all posters that came before me on providing a insight on syntax, Wikiculture and Wikiecology Id like to help the creator of this page since his and her time can limited and our interests diverse. IS THAT OK?? y/n PS Im aware my writing style is hard to follow I will work on it in future my excuse is that I am tired of regular book formatting id prefer 'choose your own adventure format/style' Takeelos 09:38, 8 October 2010 (UTC)

Takeelos, #1 rule in wiki (I think) is Be bold. This page has a short edit history - for me so far it just was a quick pass-through page creation and initial brain dump. I would like to know/explore more. And mostly really it's just an invitation for others one day to go further. Any authentic contribution regardless of formatting etc. is very welcome. The concept of "disruptive technology" intrigues me. -- Jtneill - Talk - c 11:50, 8 October 2010 (UTC)