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BPS2011 Feedback[edit source]

Hopefully you're here after seeing the message about feedback on the unit blog recently. We're hoping to gather comments, suggestions and general feedback for the 2011 running of BPS. Click edit for this section, and leave it below. Signed or anonymous are both fine. Leighblackall 22:52, 1 November 2011 (UTC)

  • I really enjoyed the unit, both Leigh and Keith have been some of the best lecturers i've had in the 4 years that i have studied at UC. The unit content seemed boring at first glance, however typically both lecturers made it very interesting with guest lecturers and insightful lectures/tutrials. The assessment was tough but taught me alot. I have never done any work on uploading information onto a website/wiki page before so although very time consuming it was interesting to learn. Perhaps spreading out the assessment more would help. Overall I enjoyed the unit and would encourage others to undertake it as well. Thanks for making me laugh in every lecuture and tutorial Keith and Leigh. U3017206 09:56, 3 November 2011 (UTC)
  • This unit has been very enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the different format of assessment, and not just the usual approach most units take. This unit was a great example of a modern day approach to learning that has developed my skills in open source and social media. I found Leigh and Keith very approachable and just really good guys. This unit was run with well, although without knowing the requirements the university places, maybe less marks allocated to the exam and more towards the assessments. I have found the exam very hard to study for, although that is most likely the point. This unit was one of the best units I have taken, great work guys! Gus Gardiner 23:02, 3 November 2011 (UTC)
  • I have very much enjoyed Business, Politics & Sport this semester. The assessments were interesting and I particularly enjoyed learning how to use wiki, a skill that I can now use outside of this unit. The lectures were interesting too, with some great guest speakers, particularly Greg Doyle from Canoeing Australia. I love Sportsmans Warehouse, particularly the cynical tennis ball they used to use in their ads. It has been at times difficult to juggle uni with work so the flexibility of the course suited me. It would be great in the future if you could somehow work the assessments around the individuals workload. Also, I would love to see this format used in other units next year. Thank you to Leigh & Keith for a great unit, the most enjoyable since I started at UC.--WillSackett 10:22, 7 November 2011 (UTC)
  • The following was posted on the BPS Facebook page on 10.11.11

أخي و صديقي كييث‘‘ لا أجد الكلامات المعبره لوصف أحساسي بشهامتك وكرم أخلاقك .. أنت رمز لأستراليا ورمز لكل برفسور مثقف .. و أدعو لك بالتوفيق والنجاح الدائم .. تلميذك الوفي أحمد المرهون. Ahmed Almarhoon

  • Google translate: "I do not find Alkalamat expressive to describe my sense Bashhamtk morals and generosity .. You are a symbol of Australia and the code for each professor educated .. And I invite you to success and lasting success .. Your student Ahmed loyal mortgaged." How was that translation Ahmed? I can understand enough, thank you for your respect and happy face. Leigh Blackall
  • ha ha ah its completely different and my spelling mistakes in Arabic words make the translation wrong . what I mean is that Keith is a real excellent symbol of an educated professor who represent Australia in a good way. translation from language to another sometimes lose the real meaning of words. Ahmed Almarhoon
  • The following comment was posted on the BPS Facebook page on 10.11.11: Thanks for the most interesting course of the year!!!! Different and good exam! Alex.Timms
  • Leigh and Keith, thank you so much for an enjoyable semester, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. While the delivery of the unit was innovative and quite 'out there', I felt that you were successful. The use and reliance on social media for assessment purposes was new to me, but I found it to be quite effective and efficient. I hope to see the University of Canberra adopt such practices for other units in the future. Thanks again for a great semester! Antony Perry 3:56pm, 7 December 2011 (UTC)

Student feedback survey comparison[edit source]

a comparison of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 responses to the University of Canberra's student satisfaction survey

The questions and results for 2009, 2010, and 2011

  • Response rates %: 39 | 31 | 32
  1. I found this unit intellectually stimulating: 79 | 67 | 86
  2. The unit was well organised: 83 | 83 | 76
  3. The unit helped me to develop skills and knowledge: 88 | 78 | 90
  4. The methods of assessing student work were fair and appropriate: 83 | 89 | 86
  5. I received feedback that assisted my learning: 75 | 78 | 86
  6. The teaching staff put a lot of time into commenting on my work: 79 | 67 | 89
  7. My lecturers were extremely good at explaining things: 63 | 78 | 89
  8. The teaching staff normally gave me helpful feedback on how I was going: 58 | 72 | 93
  9. My lecturers were extremely good at explaining things: 70 | 72 | 93
  10. The teaching staff worked hard to make the unit interesting: 75 | 89 | 100
  11. The teaching staff made a real effort to understand difficulties I might be having with my work: 62 | 71 | 96
  12. The unit helped me develop my ability to work as a team member: 48 | 59 | 54
  13. The unit sharpened my analytic skills: 67 | 67 | 83
  14. The unit helped me to develop the ability to plan my own work: 39 | 65 | 76
  15. The unit improved my skills in written communication: 83 | 71 | 90
  16. As a result of the unit I feel confident about tackling unfamiliar problems: 67 | 76 | 86
  17. The unit helped me to develop the ability to plan my own work: 79 | 82 | 93
  18. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of this unit: 88 | 72 | 93
  19. The unit made a positive contribution to my overall experience at the University of Canberra: 75 | 67 | 90