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I am currently studying Business, Politics and Sport a the University of Canberra, in which we are required to write a 2000 words Journal Article on the intersection of Business and Politics on a particular sport at a Local and International level.

I had originally written an abstract for the The Development of New Technologies Surrounding Snowboarding as this sports to me presents the greatest freedom and adrenalin rush or all sports. From the shape similar to a ski with similar products, like wood and fiberglass, to today where the carbon footprint is the challenge to manufacturers, using green products, specially regulated forests, recycled plastics and space-aged composites like carbon-fiber. All these developments and improvements made popular by the pros that rock the best gear.

The article Action Sports and their Rise to Popularity will delve into the development of action sports and pursuit for new sports under this umbrella and how important the youth of today is in this challenge. Looking at the rise of the first action sports in the 1980's, to today's action sporting events that dot the globe and bring the promise of seeing the best and brightest stars come out the play and challenge one another for the crown.