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Blooms[edit source]

Discussion with Steven Parker: Bloom's Taxonomy might be useful for mapping this list to the different levels of knowing in Blooms. See George Siemens' lecture Epistemology and Pedagogy. This may help tie teacher logic to the types of methods you're listing here. The next level is ontological, see George Siemen's post 'What is the theory that underpins our moocs' [1] Leighblackall (discusscontribs) 06:07, 23 May 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

No matter where I go there you are[edit source]

So I just did a search for badges on Wikiversity because I have started to build the School of Digital and Open Badges... and what did i find but this page ;) Peter Rawsthorne (discusscontribs) 21:03, 24 May 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]