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I currently see myself as being hellbent to implement the ideas in and around pedagogy, new media, social networks and communities of practice. I see my success being measured by completed implementations. Oh, there is so much talk, I'd rather be measured by my project success! contact me

Open and Networked PhD (OnPhD)[edit]

The linked profile page was created in support of my work toward completing a Open and Networked PhD

Open Learning Resources[edit]

School of Badges[edit]




This is a list of books I am currently writing. They are both a work in progress with the intention to self publish. The content for these books will be created in a number of places, including;

  • My blog
  • My website(s)
    • Bowen Institute of Technology
    • Peter Rawsthorne for hire site

Mobile Web Applications[edit]

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Agile Learner Design[edit]

Open Badges[edit]

Badge System Design[edit]

Badges Evidence[edit]

Evidence toward open badges earned from Wikiversity courses

Mobile Web Applications[edit]