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Discussion about the page Action research/AREOL25.

Draft charter for the Wiki Action Research Study Group of Areol program #25[edit source]

Introduction[edit source]

Areol is an online program for learning about action research. It is offered by Southern Cross University, Australia

Purpose[edit source]

To establish a forum for discussing matters relevant to the Areol on-line action research program [#25] and for sharing information about action research

  • To identify and examine themes of interest to Areol 25 program participants
  • To provide a shared platform for Areol 25 program participants
  • To share thoughts and understandings about action research and create consensus and personal documents that may interest Areol 25 program participants and others interested in action research.

Membership[edit source]

The Areol 25 Wiki study group currently consists of:

  • Cormac Lawler [UK]
  • David Don [Au]
  • Helen Phelan []
  • Michael Bourne [Au]
  • Stephanie Panke [Germany]
  • Sue Brown []

All Areol 25 participants are invited to join the Wiki Action Research Study Group (WARSG.

Other contributors are asked to peruse the Areol website before editing these pages:

Reports to

The participants in this program owe a duty of care to the facilitators and participants in Areol 25

Sub groups[edit source]

Sub groups may be formed to address particular matters as agreed by the participants, e.g. to discuss issues related to the processes of communication between participants in this forum. [Matters related to themes are simply addressed in the pages of the forum]

Virtual meetings[edit source]

Any member may call for an on-line meeting in a ‘Chat room’ and is responsible for planning the meeting at a time that will give an opportunity for participants from around the world to join in and with consideration for the agenda and roles needed to capture the proceeds of the virtual meeting.

Support[edit source]

Note that the Wiki Action Research Study Group site evolves continuously as participants post new information and build on earlier posts. Mutual support is required to facilitate the ongoing development and maintenance of this site. [N] dd 23:13, 12 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for the above, David. I think it's good to have a shared sense of purpose and responsibility to each other - however, I'm not comfortable with new members having to ask a convenor. I think people should be allowed join in (as well as leave) as and when they like - AREOL participants or not - in the true spirit of the wiki. This is a space to discuss action research - and why not have it as open as possible? I'm interested in the "meetings" bit - though it isn't something we have discussed here on-wiki or on-list. Should this be coordinated via the list or the wiki? And where would it take place - Skype, MSN, IRC...? Looking forward to hearing yours (and others') thoughts... Cormaggio talk 23:34, 12 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]