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To the German version of the table of content.

To do: Identify various content types.
[Stijn] I pasted an English version of the Table of Contents.

Description of the idea
References / Testimonials

Practical and relevant considerations / theories
Online communities (What's this?)
Volunteers: Roles, transparency, recognition, motivation, care / management
Ease of use
(N) Onliner / > [Stijn] I will write about this for the survey anyway, so we'll include this here too.
Target groups: what are seniors interested in?
Pedagogy: Teaching methods approach

Activities (case studies)
with documentation and recommendations
Development and how-to-use
Activation and motivation (for example FFI)
Courses / workshops for qualification (presence / online)

  • Online collaboration
  • Service (support, helpdesk)
  • Community activities (mentors, regular meetings)
  • Silver Knowledge
  • Free Cruise on the Internet
  • Silver Surfers' Social Networking Services (Stijn)
  • Volunteers
  • Creating a Glossary of Common Terms in a Community

Online tools
Videoconference: Skype, FlashMeeting
Virtual classrooms: Adobe Connect, Vitero, etc.
e-Learning environments: Moodle, etc.

Public relations
Sponsorship / Fundraising

Tools for practice
Exploration and evaluation methods
Creative and problem-solving methods
Planning Methods
Implementation and working methods

Problem-oriented access
Keywords and examples with practical solutions to problems

Annotated literature review

Annotated list of links