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The content of this page is currently being developed. Please got to Talk:TAO/Concept to contribute. --Simon Lüke 11:59, 16 February 2012 (UTC)

This page is meant to give you an overview on the TAO project, especially on its relation to the part taking place in Wikiversity. In the TAO project as whole there are lots of activities going on that are not oder not very comprehensively represented by Wikiversity pages, but there could be - for example - a researcher that wants to document experiences and results of such activities in Wikiversity.

Graphic[edit | edit source]

At current stage this graphic shall be the main resource and reference to discuss the concept. It actually contains too much information to be easily comprehensible, probably not even by a second or third glance. The idea is to develop an overall reference to explain things and to use it by cutting out single aspects in regard of a specific purpose.

To Edit: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1B2EwgHpT9Cah-ZrZFptFqlv6fRzyKUyGoe48eeHXKew/edit

(Goolge Docs Drawing, which contains the respectively latest version.)


(This files (in Wikiversity) will be updated from time to time from above Google Doc)

Click to get full resolution of PNG.

Wording[edit | edit source]

Definition of terms for better understanding:

  • TAO/Wikiversity for the part of the TAO project which is directly related to Wikiversity.
  • ...
  • More to come after discussion and agreement on the content of the graphic...