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Overview of the TAO Community Activities[edit | edit source]

This overview table gives you a general indication of the approaches being tested and implemented as part of the community activities in the project TAO. We want to describe these activities and support the transfer with our learning and/or research modules in this Wikiversity project.

TAO Community Activity Aproach Concept Exploration Multiplication Internationalisation Learning module (wikiversity)
Free Cruise on the Internet (TAO) stand presence in shopping malls / at fairs X X X ? X
offline courses / workshops X X X ? ?
E-Learning / Blended Learning X X X ?
Community of Practice X X X
computer / Internet support X X X
train the trainers program X X ? ?
Silver Knowledge (Wikimedia DE) offline lectures / courses X X X X
local community activity X X X
workshops X X X X
community activity "Zeitzeugenwiki" X X
Wikipedia introductory (Wikimedia CH) offline courses X X - - ?
Wiki Loves Monuments (Wikimedia DE) photo contest X X X ?
workshops X X X ?
Web 2.0 courses (SeniorWeb NL) offline courses X X X X
Living Lab Project (terzStiftung/BUAS) Community of Practice X X ?
E-Learning (SeniorWeb CH) Co-Creation workshop X X ? ?
Virtual Learning Activities (ZAWiW) online lectures / discussions X X X X ?
virtual old/young learning project X X X ? X
Facebook for Seniors (ZAWiW) offline courses X X X
Co-Creation with seniors X X ? ?
Senior KS (ZAWiW) learning partnerships X X ? ? ?