Switching Power Supply Fundamentals

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Electronics Engineering/Switching Power Supply Fundamentals

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Welcome to the course EE 230.

Assumed Understanding or Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

This is a introduction in to power supplies and Switch mode power supply theory. This course will cover,

  • zenner and lm78xx based linear regulation. why it doesn't work well.
  • basic unregulated switching power supply
  • voltage feedback regulation
  • current loop limit regulation
  • Inductor based buck, boost, buck boost, invert, non isolated flyback
  • Capacitor based charge pump, buck, boost, invert

The continuation of this course is EE 330 Switching Power Supplies 2

Before contributing please see the talk page for this class for more information.EE 230 Switching Power Supply Fundamentals

Lecture plan[edit | edit source]

  • EE 230 Digital Electronics
    • Lecture 1, The Linear Regulation Problem.
    • Lecture 2, The Basic unregulated switching supply
    • Lecture 3, The Basic regulated switching supply
    • Lecture 4, Current sense
    • Lecture 5, Soft start
  • Mid-term Exam
    • Lecture ?, Boost, Invert, Flyback
    • Lecture ?, Linear technology's integrated switch, National Semiconductor simple switcher, TI integrated switch
  • Final Exam

Textbooks and required reading/reference[edit | edit source]

  • recommended reading
    • Demystifying Switching Power Supplies, Raymond A. Mack, Jr. ISBN 0-7506-7445-8

Lab Materials[edit | edit source]

  • A computer with
    • windows 98,2000,ME,XP or Linux distribution with WINE

Datasheets Relevant[edit | edit source]

Logic[edit | edit source]

Schmitt Trigger
Quad NAND 3-18V CD4011 CD4093
Dual D flipflop 3-18V CD4013

Timer/Driver[edit | edit source]

200mA sink/source 100mA sink 10mA source
NE555 TLC555

opamps[edit | edit source]

main product table opamps below 50mhz TI

speed 1Mhz 2Mhz 4Mhz 10Mhz
general purpose
Rail to Rail input

Comparators[edit | edit source]

speed 1Mhz 2Mhz 4Mhz 10Mhz
general purpouse
Rail to Rail input NS LM339

Mosfets & BJTs[edit | edit source]

P channel

amps\volts -30
5A FDC610PZ 4.9A 42mΩon +-25Vgs

N channel

amps\volts 30
5A FDC653N 35mΩon +-20Vgs

Diodes[edit | edit source]

Schottky[edit | edit source]

Volts\Amps 1A 2A 3 4 5
40V MBRS2040L
60V MBRA160T3

General Purpose Rectifier[edit | edit source]

Volts\Amps 100mA-300mA 1A
100V TH 1N914 916 4148 4448 1N4002 1N400x
75V SMT 1N914 916 4148 4448

Inductors[edit | edit source]

Rseries\Ipeak 2 3.2DC 3.4(10% Ldrop) 5.2(20% Ldrop)
65mΩ [Gowanda 121AT1003V]100uH

Capacitors[edit | edit source]

IO pins 6 8 18 24 32

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