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This is the project page for the Study of Genesis. Below are guidelines for posting the papers, along with a list of those who have completed the course.

Project Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  1. The paper must be approximately 1500 words in length
  2. The paper will be hosted on a Wikiversity page, and linked to from the Completed Term Papers section below. If you do not know to create or edit a Wikiversity page, check out Wiki 101
  3. The paper's Wikiversity page should be entitled "Study of Genesis/Project Page/" + [title of the paper]
  4. The below link to your paper should display your name (or your Wikiversity username, or IP address for all it matters).
  5. The paper should contain your name (or username, etc.), date of creation, and course name. See the sample term paper below for one possible format.
  6. Exceptional papers may be referenced in the course pages, or even incorporated if they fit well into the course material.

Completed Term Papers[edit | edit source]