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The Sun - everything orbits around the Sun in our solar system

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An orbit is the path that an object makes around another object while under the influence of a central force, such as gravity
Helium and hydrogen are chemical elements
Light is a form of energy
Whats inside the Sun?Solar prominence

The Sun is a flaming ball, a star situated in the center of Our Solar System. Planets, such as The Earth, Mars, Venus or Jupiter are flying around it on their orbits. There are also orbits of asteroids, comets and dust. The Sun consists of hydrogen, helium and other elements. Most of them are gases. In the center of the Sun, hydrogen is slowly changed into the helium. During this proces a lot of light energy is emited. This light energy makes day on the Earth and also enable the life on the Earth. Clicking on the Sun, you can get more information about this star.