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This page is for brainstorming for the project Society as ecology.

helpful suggestions

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The goal of the project is about rediscovering the ability to understand and work with diverse networks(ecology) rather than scaling through fenced monoculture as the primary technique for organising. I think this is a skill we need for improved sustainability and also that it is a facet of inclusive societies

Please put in your ideas - any idea is welcome. As said in the brainstorming page: let's collect first ALL ideas.

ideas, questions, hints, experiences

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  • Because we currently are able to navigate at a global scale using abstracted data to make sense of things there is a challenge in finding ways to make new structures which have fidelity, responsibility and which will work at our current scale.
  • We are not used to being responsible for negotiating contention and complex data, we rely on abstraction/fences for yes no options.

Finding new/old models

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  • Open source software, education commons, A2K principles are all based on a return to valuing negotiation skills for mapping diverse and open networks.
  • I am interested in finding ways to make resources that help people perhaps schools re-anchor in ecological context and diverse social context.
  • The Bloom clock sounds interesting. This kind of mass distributed aggregation of information about species, climate, water, could be something which could help us have better systemic networked data? What kinds of tools could be used in schools for kids to collect data and aggregate it into the whole? dnetc for biodiversity? What can we make.
  • Social ecologist, check out his work - if approached, I'd guess he would allow his work to be used freely. -- Jtneill - Talk 13:28, 23 March 2008 (UTC)