Skeletal System/True or False

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True 1. Your skeletal system is made up of bones, joints, and connective tissue.
True 2. The vertebrae supports your body and protects your spinal cord.
False 3. Tendons connect bone to bone.
False 4. Osteoporosis is when a bone is pushed out of its joint.
True 5. Your nose and ears are made of cartilage.
True 6. Arthritis is when a person has swollen or stiff joints.
True 7. A baby’s skeleton consists of over 300 bones.
True 8. Joints are the points at which bones meet.
False 9. Ligaments connect muscle to bone.
False 10. The bones of your cranium protect your heart and lungs.
True 11. Making blood cells is a function or job of the skeletal system.
True 12. Blood cells are made in the bone marrow.
True 13. Exercise, good posture, and having a healthy diet are ways of keeping the skeletal system healthy.
True 14. The skeleton supports our body and gives it shape.
False 15. The mandible and clavicle make up the upper and lower jawbones.


What are the 4 functions of the skeletal system? Supports the body by providing a framework, Protects the internal organs, Store minerals, and Makes blood cells in the blood marrow.