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The Human Skeleton

Skeletal System - a body system made up of bones, joints and connective tissues.
Marrow - a soft tissue in the center of some bones.

Connecting Parts

Cartilage - A strong, flexible, gel like tissue that cushions your joint.
Tendons - Connect Muscles to bones.
Ligaments - Connect Bones to Bones.

Your skeletal system allows you to move.
There are 206 bones in the human body. A newborn has 350 bones.

What the Skeletal System helps?[edit]

  • Supports the body by providing a framework for the body.
  • Protects the internal organs. Example: Rib cage protects your heart and lungs.
  • Stores Minerals. Example: Calcium and phosphorus.
  • Makes blood cells in the bone Marrow.

Common Name for each Bone[edit]

  • Tibia = Shin Bone
  • Clavicle = Collarbone
  • Vertebrae = Spine/Backbone
  • Femur = Thigh
  • Mandible = Jaw
  • Scapula = Shoulder Bone
  • Humerus = Arm
  • Patella = Kneecap
  • Pelvis = Hip
  • Cranium = Skull
  • Phalanges = Fingers and Toes


Joints is the point where to bones meet. Your fingers are a great example of joints, the so "cracking knuckles" is pulling away your joints.

Immobile, Slightly Immobile, and Mobile Joints[edit]

Immobile joints are joints that can't move.

Examples are the Skull and Cranium.

Slightly Immobile[edit]
Slightly Immobile joints are joints that permit slight movement.

Examples: Between the vertebrae of the back.

Mobile joints are joints that permit wide movement joints.

Examples: Fingers

Connective Tissues[edit]

Connective tissue is a strong, flexible tissue that cushions joints.

Tendons - connect muscles to bones.
Ligament - connect bones to bones.

Sprains/Diseases in relation with the Skeletal System[edit]

Fractures - A break in a bone caused by an injury.
Dislocations - When a bone is pushed out of its joint.
Sprain - Stretching or twisting of ligaments. (Full definition: Ligaments are short parts of tough, flexible connective tissues that connects two bones, or cartilages, or holds together a joint)
Overuse - Injuries - occurs over time.
Scoliosis - A disorder where the spine curves in a "C" or "S" like curve/shape.
Osteoporosis - A disease where the bones are brittle.

Taking care of your skeletal system[edit]

A. Good Diary products contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and Vitamin D. These vitamins help with the strenghtening of bones.
B. Regular Exercise: Increases Bone Mass.
C. Good Posture helps keep the spine healthy/in balance.
D. Take time to heal: Wait for it to be completely heal before returning back into physical activity.
E. Use protective gear when doing physical activities, such as riding your bicycle.


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