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Sharing Ideas

for significant social impact ...

Select activities which best meet your needs and take a look at the Resources page for tools which might help.

How to raise awareness and share ideas in a particular context ...

How you go about this depends on the nature of the idea, the community with which you are working, and other factors.

Identify the most popular means of communication in the target communities.

Learn About Communication and Media[edit | edit source]

Where appropriate, consider the following communication channels:

  • House to house,
  • Newspapers, bulletin boards, billboards, bumper stickers, brochures, ...
  • Community radio, TV,
  • SMS, MXit, IMS, ...
  • Wikispaces, Wordpress, Facebook, ...

Brainstorm with your Team[edit | edit source]

Practice run: call your team together and brainstorm ... target audience (NGOs, community itself, faith organisations, ...), production of the promotional material, ....

Experiential Learning[edit | edit source]

This is your next step in the community engagement process. Activities here will be extended in future modules/units and build on previous.

The pattern will generally be:

Preparation and planning ... field work/ quest ... learn ... come back and share ... create links under Community ....

Brainstorm a communication strategy with the relevant community members.

Before actually implementing any part of this strategy, ensure you have full support by the community and preferably have them do it themselves in their own way.

Scale up[edit | edit source]

Share the idea wider ... alternative channels, scale up if required (e.g. from community to national radio), ...

Share the idea with (e.g.) NGOs doing something similar or who have experience of promoting ideas.

What Next?[edit | edit source]