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Overview[edit | edit source]

Currently this is only a collection of links with question that were recorded while tomaschwutz was looking at this topic in 2012. See also the Semantic MediaWiki category.

Big pictures[edit | edit source]

  • What is it all about?
  • What is it good for?
  • Why is agreeing on common editing syntax advantages?
  • What are the benefits compared to using categories?

Making use of the semantic data[edit | edit source]

Providing the semantic data[edit | edit source]

  • How do I edit the semantic data?
  • How to I specify the type of a property?

Semantic Forms[edit | edit source]

  • See how you can use Semantic Forms to
    • design Categories, Properties, Templates, and Forms
  • How can you use #arraymap to define multiple properties?
    {{#arraymap:{{{author|}}}|,|x|[[Has author::x]]}}
    • Why to use a space ( ) when defining categories?
    {{#arraymap:{{{categories|}}}|,|x|[[Category:x]]| }}
  • What is the syntax of form fields?
    • How do you use autocompleting?
    • How can you use a Category for autocompletion?
      |values from category=Area of focus
    • How can you allow multiple inputs (seperated by commata)
    • How can force the user to input values?
    • How can you have multiple instance of one template?
      {{{for template|Occupation|multiple|add button text=Add another occupation}}}
    • How can the user select from a category tree?
  • How you can use Maps?

More on semantic queries[edit | edit source]

  • Selecting pages
    • Why is it important to specify a < directly after the double collon?
      • How do you compare text alphabetically?
    • Howe do you use the + wildcard symbol?
      • Pages of which namespace are selected by [[Help:+]]?
    • Does [[born in::!Boston]] query return results of pages that do not have the bon in property?
    • How do you use OR and ||?
      • What does [[Brazil||France||User:John Doe]] mean?
    • How do you use <q> and </q> for subqueries?
  • What does [[Category:Cities]] [[located in.member of::European Union]] mean?
  • Displaying information
    • ? does not restict results compared to query descriptions
    • use the empty format # do suppress all formatting and linking in subqueries
    • What are #cm, #-n, #-u and #ISO used for?
    • What are [output formats] fromat=count, csv, template, ul used for?
{{#ask: [[Category:City]] [[located in::Germany]]
| ?population
| ?area#km² = Size in km²
    • use {{#show: Berlin | ?population}} to show a single value
    • What is the meaning of the following parameters?
      • limit, sort, order, align, default,
    • |limit=0 |searchLabel=Click to browse
  • How do you use Concepts
    • to define overview pages
    • to define dynamic categroies that can be used in further queries

Inferencing[edit | edit source]

  • deducing new knowledge from entered information
  • Subcategories and subproperties
    • Why is it important to describe the exact meaning of a category or a property very clearly?
    • :: returns subCategories, : not

Practicing[edit | edit source]