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Comparative Mythology


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Divisions and departments[edit]

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Primary Education Division
The division dealing with children wishing to learn about mythology, aged 5-11.

Secondary Education Division
The division dealing with older students wishing to further their knowledge of mythology, aged 12-16.

Adult Education Division
The division dealing with adults who wish to learn more about mythology

Department of Classical Mythology
A department dedicated to the study of Graeco-Roman mythology.

Department of Norse Mythology
A department dedicated to the study of Viking legends.

Active participants[edit]

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  • Thucydides My interest is in all mythological creatures, especially dragons and their metaphors among different cultures.
  • Drspartacuss
  • Bessert
  • User:Nannus My special area of interst in Africa. I have started the Division of African Philosophy in the School of Philosophy and the School of African Studies. Some of the work done there might be of interest here.
  • User:ChocomanCOOL!
  • User:s2891
  • User:XXStar_BodomXx My specialties are in Greek and Norse mythology, I'll try to add information and myths.
  • Jekrox 01:05, 6 September 2008 (UTC)
  • James Lee I have a broad interest in comparative mythology.
  • User:Dragonzflyte Fae are interesting
  • Spock of Vulcan I'm interested in learning about all kinds of mythology, so as I learn I'll help expand/create courses here.
  • User:Scorpio I love mythology - especially Celtic and Norse mythology. I'm just getting started in here, and I hope to have a good time participating.

School news[edit]

  • September 25th 2011 - Department of Classical Mythology founded!
  • September 25th 2011 - Department of Norse Mythology founded!
  • September 10th 2006 - School founded!