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RuralWeb is a community that makes information useful and accessible. See /What is RuralWeb? for more info. See Youtube for more info about our pilot project. RuralWeb what is.png

Projects[edit | edit source]

Projects Month Product owner Scrum master Team
/wiki-training Q1 2014 Inemarie Tim ?
semantics Q1 2014 Tim ?
technology research Q1 2014 ? ? Tim
improving websites/ making beautiful websites Q1 2014 Cheryl Tim Inemarie, Kim, Lonneke, Richmond
/how we do projects Q1 2014 Tim Inemarie ?
/Kabissa Q4 2013 Tim Inemarie ?
/community involvement Q4 2013 Inemarie Tim ?
/football portal Q4 2013 Richmond Tim ?
/website Q4 2013 Cheryl ? Tim, Inemarie
/ICT traineeship Kenya on hold Tim Inemarie ?
/governance on hold Inemarie Tim ?
/vision on hold Inemarie Tim ?
/tooling on hold Tim Inemarie ?
/values on hold Inemarie Tim ?

Index[edit | edit source]