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Filmmaking Software Review[edit | edit source]

Narrative Film Production:
Software for Filmmaking (not free)
Jam Pack:Symphony Orchestra

Apple's Jam Pack:Sympony Orchestra[edit | edit source]

GarageBand comes free with each new Macintosh computer but Jam Pack:Sympony Orchestra is not free. When combined together, they produce fantastic musical sound effects. Ideal for people with no musical ability.
Jam Pack:Symphony Orchestra costs less than MOTU Symphonic Instrument but MOTU Symphonic Instrument has a boy's chorus. But MOTU Symphonic Instrument is awkward to use and does not work well with GarageBand. Your instructor does NOT recommend MOTU Symphonic Instrument.
The only Windows alternative that I know of is Tascam's GigaStudio 3.0 - Orchestra.

Uses at WikiU Film School[edit | edit source]

  • Film scoring

Other Uses[edit | edit source]

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