Resources for Selecting Payment Methods/Private Banks

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Unit 5.2-Resources for Selecting Payment Methods 

Introduction | Foreign Government Agencies | International Organizations | Industry Organizations | Private Banks | Summary | Resources | Activities | Assessment

Private Banks[edit | edit source]

Private banks, as you know by now, are primary sources since they can provide credit information on their (and your) customers and information about what is going on in countries that could have an impact on your credit decision. They may also provide trade loans. Knowledge of trade loans in the banking environment is important to for an international manager to have in order to understand the process since it will have an impact on a customer's ability to obtain financing and deal with debt repayment issues. Banks also provide a broad range of methods for financing international trade transactions. Many companies and financial institutions draw a distinction between trade finance and structured trade finance, applying the former term to those products used to finance short-term transactions. This valuable information is available to bank customers through the international banking department/executives.

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