Resources for Selecting Payment Methods/Assessment

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Unit 5.2-Resources for Selecting Payment Methods 

Introduction | Foreign Government Agencies | International Organizations | Industry Organizations | Private Banks | Summary | Resources | Activities | Assessment

Assessment[edit | edit source]

1 For the international manager, banks are

a source of low interest loans for exports.
a source of information on key personnel.
a source of credit and country risk information.
a source for export receivable insurance.

2 The SBA provides US exporters with

loan guarantee programs for export transactions.
low interest rate loans to import components.
direct loans for export transactions.
foreign company profiles.

3 The International Chamber of Commerce created the UCP500 as a

legal and binding guidelines for international transactions.
guideline for international banking transactions.
rules and regulations for international transportation.
guidelines for international insurance.

4 Industry Organizations provide

low cost funding for international transactions.
international receivables insurance.
guidelines for acceptable international business behavior.
events and information to members.