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Red Link City is a place where red links prevail no matter what you do. These Kinds of things are rampant on Wikiversity, unfortunately. Sorry. That's Just the way it is. Sorry. User:WikiversityJack knows what we mean. |

Broken links[edit source]

There is no existing page to visit when you see a "red link". Sometimes red links result from the name of a page being changed and subsequent failure to correct existing links to that page. Because this is a common cause of red links, they are often called "broken links". However, many red links are created as part of a plan to create new pages as discussed below.

Content development[edit source]

Many Wikiversity pages are content development projects (see list at Topic:Topics). Part of the process for planning and developing learning resources at Wikiversity is to make lists of planned learning resources. In many cases, these lists are created as lists of links to non-existent pages. These lists of red links represent useful requests for future Wikiversity content. When you click on a red link at Wikiversity, you are given a chance to start a new page that will become the target for that link.

Pages copied from Wikipedia[edit source]

Some Wikiversity pages have been started by copying pages from Wikipedia. When these pages are pasted into Wikiversity, many of the hypertext links no longer function. You can repair these links by adding the "w:" prefix to the existing link; see Making links.

Link options[edit source]

Advanced topic for editors with user accounts. Your user preferences can be changed by clicking on "my preferences". The "Misc" (miscellaneous) preferences allow several options for the appearance of links, as shown below.

As shown above, you can control the use of an underline for links. You can also change the default red links to a question mark.

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