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Welcome to the learning project on Questioning the grounds!

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Content summary[edit | edit source]

Goals[edit | edit source]

In this learning project we aim to learn to think of meta-ethics as a story about what people should do and not do. Most people believe there is a kind of moral constitution upon which moral rules are build using a moral reasoning. We try to find this constitution of moral.

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Lessons[edit | edit source]

  • Lesson 1:

Read the page Topic:Meta-Ethics.

Read this quote: "As for what meta-ethics actually is allow us to address this from the sides as opposed to head on. We accept that there is a general concensus as to what is morally acceptable and Good and proper. Even the most staunch Consequentialist will agree with Kant himself that murder is wrong for example."

This so-called 'accepted consensus' is questionable. Think about the acceptance of murder (killing people, abortion, death penalty, war, self defence) and of this accepted consensus.

What do you think of the Grounds for ethics now?

  • Lesson 2:

Read this text about euthanasia.

Try to name and list the grounds for the moral rules in this text.

  • Lesson 3:

Rules and judgement connect, where rules excict somebody will judge. Think and discuss:

    • Who are / is the judge when it comes to grounds of ethical questions?
    • On what grounds do people judge ethical rules?
    • On what grounds do people judge each other?

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