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00 PROJECT MANAGEMENT - An Introduction to what follows[edit | edit source]

The following Project Management (in short PM) pages headline numbered from 00 (= this page) to 100:

  • Is based on the visual concept of MIND MAPS, a method to visualize information in a brain-user-friendly way
  • Is a work in progress, i.e. sometimes even a referenced page may not exist yet
  • Sometimes shows the same subject from different angles, e.g. the first lessons
  • Originates from personal experience of using PM for some decades
  • Combines ideas of different schools of thought in the area of PM, partially covered in the bibliography (still to come)
  • Transcends occasionally the usual structure of PM to include, among others, ideas covered under the term “soft sciences”
  • Are used in teaching projects at University level and also for post graduate / Master courses
  • Are to be dealt with the way of Supermarket Shopping: Take what is suitable and leave the rest away!

Franz Kies 14:36, 12 March 2008 (UTC)