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Now, do you have a general idea of how to generate PBL problems? In this session, a checklist is provided to you to summarize the features that we have discussed in previous sessions. Review this checklist quickly and then move onto the exercise in the following part.

Checklist for Generating PBL Problems[edit | edit source]

check list for generating PBL problems

You can use this checklist in the following part to facilitate the process of generating quality PBL problems. The PBL problem you create in the exercise will be evaluated based on the criteria of this checklist.

Exercise:Generate PBL Problems On Your Own[edit | edit source]

Below is your practice time to generate a PBL problem for a group of undergraduate students. Please read the question below, and then generate your problem in the "Answering Box", remember your PBL problem will be evaluated based on the checklist. A sample answer is provided that you can use it to compare with your answer.

Question[edit | edit source]

Five juniors majored in Information Technology are taking a course “Human-Computer Interaction Design” this semester. The instructor of this course wants to apply PBL into this class to motivate students and enhance their critical thinking and collaboration skills.
This five students are all interested in game interaction design; they’ve taken some related courses such as “3D Modeling, Animation, and Special Effects”, “Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator”, “Web Interactivity”, “Video Game Programming”. However, they lack experience in communication with clients and don't know exactly how to gather requirements and conduct usability tests, and unfortunately, these are not the teaching contents of this class.
Based on the above information, please help the instructor design a PBL problem for this group of students.
Grading rules:
Your answer will be graded based on the Checklist for generating PBL Problem. For the collaboration section, you don't need to include all the suggested rules, but you do need to give at least two collaboration rules that is applicable to this case (you can create rules on your own). You need to correctly cover more than 80% of the checklist items to pass this test.

Answering Box[edit | edit source]

Click "edit" for this section, and add your answer below.

Sample Answer[edit | edit source]

Click on here to see a sample answer and its grading result.

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