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FULL-TEXT DOWNLOAD SERVICE Sometime, you need to find a research article, e-book, thesis or something like that? But you cannot find and download it! We now provide a full-text download service to help you find and download your necessary materials online. Note that: only legal or free materials are accepted.

How it works? 1. Send the information of your request documents to our email: fulltextservice@live.com, such as Article Title, Author name, Journal Name&Volume or its URL 2. We will attempt to reply you ASAP. Normally, it takes from TWO to 24 hours max. Follow the instruction and the link in the e-mail, you can download the Articles you want after paying the fee. 3. Sometime, if we could NOT get the materials you request, we will also reply to your email and it cost nothing.

Costs for per document Below is the cost per each document: no full-text, no cost Articles of 1-20 pages: $2.5 Articles of 21-30 pages: $3.5 Articles of 31-50 pages: $5 Articles above 50 pages, book chapter, e-book, thesis: $7

Please contact us for detail: fulltextservice@live.com Kind regards, Fulltext Service Team